What is it that is going to get you over your current hurdle? To the next level?

That is the answer you need today. Let’s find it together – fast.

Big strategic plans, organizational roadmaps, technical architectures take a long time, look pretty… and tend to either be obsolete by the time they are done or sit on the shelf.

Our goal is to help kick you disability rights cause, project, organization, or individual effort to the next level.

We value your mission, your time, and your money.

Let’s get to it.

We have a 2 phase, 5 step process to

Phase 1 – Fx3 – Focus Focus Focus

Sometimes, it just takes an outside set of eyes (with lots of experience) to see what is going on and where you need to focus… then, you are on your way and know what you have to do. More advice isn’t necessary – just time to do your homework.

Step 1 – Your Current State, Your Key Issue

In one page, tell us about your organization, your objectives, your team members, your budget… and what problem you want to solve.

We may follow up with some additional clarifying questions via email in preparation for –

Step 2 – Fx3 Teleconference and Report

Up to 2 of you. Up to 2 of us. Talking through and working through your key issue and current state. A 15 minute call and a one-page report delivered 2 days later on what we think you need to do next and if we think we are a good fit to help.

Phase 2 – 90 Day Sprint Intensive

If we’ve both agreed that we should proceed, we move rapidly to the Sprint session – at the end of which, you’ll have what you need for the next 90 days.

Step 3 – Additional Information and Analysis

After the Fx3, we should both know “the known unknowns” – the additional information we need to work your 90 day sprint. This exchange of emails and documents will ensure that not a minute is wasted in our 3 hour intensive meeting.

Step 4 – 3 hour Intensive

Teleconference or video conference. The appropriate members of our team and up to 3 members of your team will work through the next 90 days. Strategies, technologies, plans, subprojects, deliverables, milestones, resources, dollars, staff, challenges, contingencies… anything and everything that will get you what you want and be prepared for what could go wrong.

Step 5 – Final Report

3 pages. Maybe more. Capturing everything that we worked on together and our follow-on reflections and internal discussions. 5 days after the intensive.

What does it cost?

Phase 1 – $250 non-refundable

Phase 2 – $1750 – ($250 credit for Phase 1) – Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

Can’t afford it?

Contact us about scholarships or fundraising – steve@notwithoutus.org or chelsea@notwithoutus.org

Are you ready?

Email steve@notwithoutus.org to get started on Phase 1 today.

Not a good fit?

If you are working in the disability rights space, we care and we’ll see what we can do to help – email steve@notwithoutus.org.