Are you interested in seeking our services on an individual basis?


We have a few questions that will help us determine how we might work together:

  1. What position are you seeking (elected or appointed)?
  2. Do you know the timeframe (election or appointment cycle)?
  3. Is this an open seat or will you be challenging an incumbent?
  4. Have you sought or held this type of position before?
  5. Why are you running or seeking to be appointed?
  6. What do you hope to accomplish in this role?
  7. Do you have any personal connections to the disabilities community?
  8. What do you feel most confident about in seeking this position?
  9. How would you best describe your challenges in seeking this position?
  10. Do you have any initial thoughts on how we could assist you?
  11. Do you have any questions for us?

Please email us your responses and any other relevant information at and we will get back to you shortly.