Not about us, without us

It is time for the disability community and its allies to take our seat at the table and to lead and shape the conversations and decisions that impact our lives.

Change comes from Power and Action

Making Change Happen thought organized action
Working together we can make real change and get better outcomes for all kids and adults with disabilities

Systems change, political change, and cultural change don’t just happen, they need to be designed, organized, and implemented. Building power for the change we want to see for the community of persons with disabilities will make a difference.

Tactics, Planning, Infrastructure, Counsel – “weaponizing” disability rights

The Not Without Us team has decades of expertise making effective change happen – in the government, non-profit, and private sectors. We are now using those skills to make positive change for this community. We’re working on Not Without Us projects and with individuals, groups, and advocates to impact change for better outcomes for children and adults with disabilities.

Not Without Us is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation. Our mission is to improve systems, navigate politics, and battle stigmas. We are a partner and an ally of disability groups, causes, and individuals looking to make positive change in support of better outcomes for all persons with disabilities.

Ask us about partnership opportunities and advisory services.

Together we can achieve better outcomes… and we look forward to working with you!

Join us.